Want a baby on your Lap?

Few attributes to consider when you want to buy a laptop…

01. Light weight (centrino models)

02. Nice keyboard (some LT Keyb layouts are crazy)

03. Long battery life

04. On board AGP (Nvidia etc)

05. Support centers in India

06. Hard disk RPM (higher RPM gives good perf but more heat wil be generated)

07. Required output ports (To projector, USB, printer etc..)

As per my experience, Toshiba is a winner for best price and durability, support in india. HP-Compaq/Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are durable and ergonomic.

Important Note : If you are going for a business laptop, you may not want to have XVGA displays 🙂 Anyone sitting beside you in flight can read everything very clearly from your screen.


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