Play the world’s best app (????)

I am not sure how these guys have named it as World’s Best App….but these apps are cool to play..

Note : You would need to login to MSN Messenger and need a buddy too


Interactive Encarta

Add this Identity in your MSN and enjoy your free time..

India ! We have a problem here

‘India does not produce enough good computer engineers and those it does are good at theory but not very well equipped to handle the practical aspects.’ — Microsoft Chief Technical Officer Craig Mundie

the above statement looks scary to me. I feel this statement was made with out any further inspection of the coin’s otherside. I am not breaking in to this like a pseudo indian supporter as such, but there are eminent proofs in computer industry to consider indian scientists and engineers contribution. Indian computer engineers are not only working for software firms like microsoft, but many areas like Opensource, hardware orgs also.

I agree to one point on the educational model which is being adopted by many Indian institutes. Still we are on the oldest educational base system , but trying to evolve in to a corporate, privatized and job oriented educational model, which is going to make things worser than ever. I have seen and heard of many IITians hunting jobs like application developer kind of positions in india. May be all these software firms who are gaining hell of money by recruiting indian engineers for lesser salaries should concentrate on funding universities in India to produce best out of them.

Look who is there on 40 faces :-)

Thanks to Phillpp 🙂 is a cool website which tracks registered bloggers and renders 40 bloggers images in tiles based on last 40 recent posts. Very cool idea… Good to see scoble is next to me atleast here 😉

You have a Geek friend?

Wired magazine posted Ultimate Geek Gift Guide.

My Choices are :

01. XBox 360
02. Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router

Java needs a break?

Seems “yes” from running after commercial enterprise systems like .NET.

Ed Burnette, the chief editor of eclipse zone found some interesting problems in these developments.

Better, Faster, Stupidier Java

Domain Search, the instant way…

Well, I could’nt stop my self on adding these so called “Ajax” stuff to my blog. One more entity for Web 2.0 : Ajax based domain search and Whois data.

Future Ajax applications (Bare with my imagination)
01. Ajax based Office
02. Ajax based Book Search
03. Ajax based Digital Library
04. Ajax based Ad services (You type the keyword, and we will show the relevant Ad right beside it ;-))