Exhaustion = Zero Innovation..So ? Who cares about it?

Read this today morning…


I got this FWDMail from one of my collegue…as an Indian IT worker, I must agree that even I have gone through this once a while in my career, but its not permanent at all…bottom line is “Its your life and you have chosen it…” If you dont want to live with it, just quit the job and open a candle shop near you house or migrate to US or some country where you get the position to threaten offshore indian workers to work 12 hours a day 🙂

I have observed few of my collegues who got used to this kinda stuff. Most of them are bachelors and live in working men/womens hostel. Most of them expressed a crazy concern to go home..”What I will do by going home?” LOL…yes they do get coffee, coke and Internet/Phone in an airconditioned office but never in home…It means they do not have a good personal life style to manage thier life @ home…at the same time I have seen married folks expressing concerns over working late, since they have a good personal life waiting after working hours every day.

I do agree that top companies like Infy, wipro, satyam etc provide very good office atmospehere and facilities. But do they survey on them? very rare…Most of these facilities are provided as part of standardizing the vendor profile for big clients. But the employees who really live with work (work with life) are rare. Very few companies like google, amazon, microsoft are exception to this.

My last words on this are : This is a problem of COIN with same face at both sides…there are problems with companies and there are problems with in mindsets of Workers too. Workers should set thier mind free and become professional, and it will for sure change the way companies behave.

3 Responses to Exhaustion = Zero Innovation..So ? Who cares about it?

  1. truth hurts? says:

    of course everyone is free to set up a bicycle shop. if they “chose that life”, then a lot of factors and savvy persuasion by the media went into that seduction.

    the same way one is free to call the bluff on the “IT superpower”, “super IT jobs” fiasco brought to Indian youth by media like Time of India (who benefit from the ad revenue by headhunters).

  2. You are spot on when you say that the people who find company premises better than their homes are spoiling the culture. In the same breath I would like to add, so far I have also come across many such guys and I have rarely found a TOP PERFORMER in them.

    In my experience, people who enjoy (rahter live) their lives, generally happen to be one of the best performers.

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