Hyderabad traffic..still with rocks :-(

a fun filled post “Hyderabad ..still rocks…” …I loved it…very funny..

Apologies for the different title…its my opinion 🙂


One Response to Hyderabad traffic..still with rocks :-(

  1. Nauke says:

    Hyderabad traffic doesn’t just rock, it shocks, Culture shock. They zock u with their unpredictable twists and turns. chaps here move around as if they are sleep walking in their home sweet home. They think they are nawabs being in the city of nawabs.

    traffic can be summed in one word – bizzare. chaps drive as if there is no tommorow and care too hoots for rules. but care about their boots and mules. so many vehicles and in variety from the poor man bullock cart to ultra richie Honda Bonda city and then u have cycle rick, seven eaters(they are hyd’s timeless pride) and our freindly auto rick wallahs. all of these chaps drive as if they are driving on formula one tracks, a jalak here and pataka there. they zip zap with disdain and weave through a small gap with finesse caring a damn, but baring their fang. every tom , dick and harry wants to hog the road and go first. even when they are last in queue.

    our Great netas and their chaps break rules as they create them. when they come, all traffic comes to standstill and when they go all traffic goes to dogs. these maha netas have sacrificed their lives for freedom and now they feel they have the ultra-right to enjoy freedom. damn the rule of law, for them law is only on paper, signed with thumb impression.

    Road diggers can be found everywhere. they keep on digging, heaven knows what for. dig,dig and then gig, every hole becomes hell hole with heaps of rocks and mud thrown as if they are food for stary dogs. the huge craters they leave is left as it is for deacades. and even centuries. who is digging for whom and for what is never know – it is a riddle and a puzzle.

    traffic cops are mere showpieces, they can be asked to appear in movies and run around trees and play ringa ringa roses with some lovely gals or hijras and diggers.

    the flyovers are as it is, neither here nor there, but everywhere. things are crawling at snail pace , we can even go to heaven and come back reborn many times over before they see action.

    our mega city hyd will become maha mega city , but things will remain as it is and go from worse to purse with curse.

    it is time to weep and then sleep

    hi ya buddy, what di ya say?

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