India ! We have a problem here

‘India does not produce enough good computer engineers and those it does are good at theory but not very well equipped to handle the practical aspects.’ — Microsoft Chief Technical Officer Craig Mundie

the above statement looks scary to me. I feel this statement was made with out any further inspection of the coin’s otherside. I am not breaking in to this like a pseudo indian supporter as such, but there are eminent proofs in computer industry to consider indian scientists and engineers contribution. Indian computer engineers are not only working for software firms like microsoft, but many areas like Opensource, hardware orgs also.

I agree to one point on the educational model which is being adopted by many Indian institutes. Still we are on the oldest educational base system , but trying to evolve in to a corporate, privatized and job oriented educational model, which is going to make things worser than ever. I have seen and heard of many IITians hunting jobs like application developer kind of positions in india. May be all these software firms who are gaining hell of money by recruiting indian engineers for lesser salaries should concentrate on funding universities in India to produce best out of them.


One Response to India ! We have a problem here

  1. yeah. I share your feelings Sudha.

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