Windows Live Local is Live !

Just now I have tried this Windows Live Local. It did’nt made me feel so great for first 10 mins. But when I tried a search on New York, I got to see this amazing Bird View Navigation with directions from one point to other point. You can actually navigate in other 8 directions based on your directions map.

Hope to the same application in GPS Car navigation…
Google has one application very similiar to this already here…Google Transit. I found google’s directions with suggestions on time, more usefull in a typical american’s busy life. And the brilliant catch is the cost of the where is this world going by the way…:-)

Even though the bird view feature in google transit is not showing high res view like windows live, its a good idea of having the main route in the background and navigate the directions on specific points. But you would need a laptop or Pocket PC buddy 🙂

Here is a suggestion for MS and Google…there should be an option to save these directions in an animated flash movie and carry in laptop or any hand held device. Even voice based directions in a sequence also would be good.

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