FireFox Pug follows you where ever you go…

got any idea  after looking at  the  picture?  Yes  despite of the bitter truth that Hutch network does’nt follow even like a small street dog, the little pug in this  cute AD follows the boy wherever go goes. Now  its the time for FireFox to play the PUG role.  I  have tried this Portable  FireFox 1.5 last  weekend and fell in love with it. You know what?  There is not registry hell , no need to install it  with admin previleges .  Just  carry the hole  folder in an  USB Stick  and you got  your  FireFox Pug.

You can carry all of your extensions, bookmarks and user settings with your portable firefox. I am trying this portable Abi word as well, looks very promising particularly when you need to do some word related things in cybercafes very securely.


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