In to Vibes

Except few unicode problems NetVibes seems to be a prmosing competition for Google home page and Looks very simple and user intuitive.

The coolest attraction is …its avaiable in Hindi…:-)

check my homepage for netvibes here…




Dynosaurs Vs Nano Robots

Here I should quote my own words, when I talk to some of my friends on the world famous linux, and world’s most infamous windows (for numerous unavoidable, undebatable, non-stoppable discussions :-)), I quote this line..”Why do you compare windows and linux at all, its just like comparing a dynosaur (considering the age of the base code written for linux) and Robots. But I agree to a point “A Dynosaur’s stupid oval egg is more precious and valuable than a Honda dancing Robot” 🙂 Read more of this post