Some technology downtrends !

Since last 2 weeks, there are few technology downtrends news has been floating around in technogallis.(I used “Galli” in hindi context :-)). First one is the downtrend shades for Java language. After businessweek reported java’s downfall in corporate choice for mission critical applications, its now Linux Insiders turn to report .NET Momentum in the same space.

Some of the comments/excerpts from the story

“But even in corporations, Java can’t rest on its laurels. “You see that technology migrates from hackers to innovative users and eventually to the mainstream,” says Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media.”

“An earlier Jupiter Research report showed that 62 percent of midsize businesses have adopted .NET vs. 36 percent for IBM’s WebSphere technology, which is based on Java.”

Sun acknowledges that .NET is picking up steam in corporations. “There will be more than one language out there,” says Sun’s Loiacono. “Plus, it’s Microsoft. They’ll be a player.” Still, he believes Java and .NET are essentially in a dead heat and denies that .NET has pulled out into the lead.

“Montgomery acknowledges that Microsoft hasn’t done well with the Web 2.0 set, but he expects that to change. It has released a test version of server software that enables Web developers to easily use AJAX on top of Windows.(sudhakar : Nothing but Atlas framework for ASP.NET)”  

So what’s the next downfall, believe that boy, its the shiny shiny Oracle…

Bloomberg reports that shares of Oracle corp fell as much as 60 cents or 4.7% and the database growth also trailed 24%. “Chief Financial Officer Safra Catz yesterday said Microsoft Corp., which last month unveiled its new SQL Server, is a significant competitor in the $7.79 billion market. Oracle’s database growth in the three months ended Nov. 30 followed a 2 percent increase in the first quarter, when the company blamed Microsoft for increased competition.” 

RedHerring also report a similiar story:

“Oracle has been taking a beating because newer open-source competitors such as MySQL, and other larger competitors such as Microsoft and IBM, are aggressively targeting the market. “Mostly, the biggest competitor is Microsoft, which had a new release of SQL Server this quarter,? said Mr. Barnicle.(An analyst with Pacific Crest Securities)”

So, guys, be happy 🙂 Because you are going to gain always from Techno Wars between giants.


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