Google fails here buddy

I was trying this W3C Markup validation tool and found some shocking facts..(validated for HTML 4.0 transitional standards)

“Google fails in W3C Quality standards with 51 errors”

Now you can see what happens if a Ph.D guy develops a web page 🙂 LOL. also failed this test with 19 errors passed this test…wow passed the test

The great “Open” denied to be tested 🙂 failed with 33 errors fails with 14 errors..

MSN Search has passed failed miserably with 87 errors


6 Responses to Google fails here buddy

  1. So What do you understand from this?

  2. Sudhakar says:

    Google commits to Beta quality, and is also seems to be a beta since it’s birth 🙂

  3. dear why do you talk about Google, What about, Oracle, Sun …:-) My whole point of above question is what we understand from the concept of following/ not following something called standard.

  4. Sudhakar says:

    Yes thats true, But I pinpointed google for all the hype and respect it gained…”Great Power comes with Great Responsibility”.

  5. AlexTan says:

    Please at least give a mention of where you got the idea for this post:

  6. Sudhakar says:

    Hello Alex,

    Sorry I cannot do so, because I have done this exercise with out any knowledge about the link you have provided. This post is my own work and original work and I have used this public tool longtime back but posted on Dec 28th. Today I have checked in google for similiar stories and found the above link. I have also commented on the above link blog post.

    Anyway Thanks for the note. 🙂

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