home page and their obsessions

I think its high time for MSN India team to change thier domain name to “” or “”. Look at this stupid home page which is supposed to be a start page for any indian to know as per expectations from any portal like

Right from the top of the page, I have marked all ADs in Yellow Boxes and Movie information in Red boxes. As per my observation covers or contains only 10% of thier home page which is “information”. And the remaining stuff is all about aishwarya and salman khan, may be the cute pics of sameera reddy etc…. I am attaching the home page for your reference below… (I did not digged in to MSN Channels much…) – Click on the image to see the original image.

The funniest part is filling this page with various technical web sites like windows update etc.

Dear MSN India…Do you have any idea about your audience? Do you think they are running after bollywood actors and actresses pics and wallpapers all the time. You got to think about the future as many self made portals like, google homepage are coming on the way. Please try to understand the word “Entertainment”, it’s not just movies & Wallpapers for sure 🙂