India is getting expensive…

yes, according to the CEO of SAP, Mr  Henning Kagermann.

An excerpt from the above URI

“India is beginning to get expensive,” the group’s CEO Henning Kagermann told the Financial Times Deutschland. “We have decided to hire only a certain number (of people) there and then commence to look around for other locations,” he declared. India has to date been one of the major research and development locations of SAP.

“Mr. Kagermann is also aiming to expand the company’s research and development capacities in Eastern Europe. Compared with India, costs there were not as high and there was less fluctuation of staff, he said. In addition, unlike the case of India, infrastructure in Eastern Europe was fairly well developed throughout, he added.”

IT Biggies in India…This should ring some bells in your heads…


Time for killers of Web 2.0 ?


I found this interesting software google ad, on a famous website, which promises you that it can wipe out skype from your network. Where are we going? Web -2.0 ?

The 25 words that may drag you out of oppertunity

Many of us used atleast one of these words in our resume or other types of profiles. CNN reports, some of these words could actually hurt the resume with out your knowledge. Thats interesting ! Is’nt it? 🙂

Read more on CNN Story “25 words that hurt your resume”

Me @ TV9 Talk

For all non-Telugu readers : I had posted about this few days back. In this episode MUGH core talked about the technical user group activities they do all the time and how they help each other in communities.

Lot of updates on MSN Spaces

Here you can read more

But I still wonder why these ideas/stuff was not implemented in first go? What’s happening to Microsoft’s creativity? Many of these features are supposed to be given to the users in first go itself. The most important things like URLs and Perma Links. I still hate the MSN Spaces perma links….looks geeky, but the author himself cannot figure out what post it is, by looking at any perma link of MSN Spaces.

For me, MSN Spaces are yet on the earth, needs lot of thrust to be in Space..

Apple’s team now works on a better Mouse :-)

Yes, Walt Disney has aquired Apple’s Pixar Studios Officially. I love these acquisitions guys :-). Best + Best = Rock Solid Best.

Steve will become a board member of Disney according to the merge plans. Check out some of the coolest smash hits from Pixar…I have 4 of these in my DVD Library.

01. Toy Story (1995)
02. A Bug’s Life (1998)
03. Toy Story 2 (1999)
04. Monster’s Inc (2001)
05. Finding Nemo (2003)
06. The Incredibles (2004)
07. Cars (2006)


Yes I am Back From Vacation 🙂