My predictions/dreams about Web 2.0 in 2006

Wsj has published an interesting article of Dion on Predictions of Web 2.0 in 2006. and the RSS Blog also points out few interesting predictions. I have few predictions for the same, pardon me if my prediction look stupidios and super asks to you 🙂 Read on…

01. RSS leads the way to home and end user gadgets like mobiles and Microsoft’s smart objects or side show from Vista. It means that you could attach a small device to your fridge which displays latest RSS feeds from the local store etc…(RSS Blog also has mentioned a similiar prediction)

02. Yahoo may introduce RSS support in thier upcoming Yahoo mail beta client.

03. Google may link up ADs and Feed API services to earn more from hype. (I believe google earns from ADs and they will make sure all the web is filled up with thier ADs and nothing else.)

04. Microsoft may want to get back on thier OS business and excel instead of running on other’s track.

05. A new generation Web 2.0 hacking groups may come in to existance.

06. Open Source Groups may start aggressive Web 2.0 application services with the help of various OS supporters.


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