Google Mad RTM

Yes Google Mad is now RTMed…no longer a beta in doing mad things…Seems they don’t know what to do or there is no work to do. This one is heights of cheap and childish play from google that i have ever seen since its evolution. Google is loosing the respect day by day from my heart.

Look at this page

and this can you see any major difference, other than adding some so called free applications?

and I bet you any small sites on windows XP does gives you better download (free) list than this stupid web page. Google’s new pack page can’t beat even this wonderful list “The 46 best ever freeware Utlities”.

Hello Google !, you wanna screw our happiness with norton antivirus? Can’t you see free AVG? The worst is Trillion messenger which screws up system’s memory like hell.


One Response to Google Mad RTM

  1. Vinay says:

    :-):-) Yes, that’s right.

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