Addictive Google Toolbar

Since the early days of google toolbar, I was a fan of this toolbar, I have it on all of my laptops and desktops. It’s not that I am a lazy guy to type and search, but having that toolbar right on the top of webpage gives me some confidence to me. I never felt that it is talking some space of my view at all…

Now Google toolbar is stepping in to web 2.0 world. Now its coming with add-in support. Add-in support is not a new feature as such…MSN toolbar has been supporting add-ins since long, but I feel, it could’nt make it to the consumer’s heart.

Let’s look at what Google Toolbar “beta” is going to do…

01. Custom buttons : You can add as many as buttons you want to google toolbar now. You can create your custom button on the fly in minutes. 🙂 and ofcourse can redistribute it. Soon we can expect many of the websites with a tiny button “Add this site button to your Google toolbar”

 2. Adding Site RSS as a button

3. Adding buttons from Google button gallery


4. Key word suggestions

I am expecting a good appreciation from Internet toolbar users for this particular version.

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