Are you Egocentric ?

Wired reports the Secret Cause of the Flame wars in the world of email trails. Which is nothing but egocentrism. I think this is a very common problem in the world of uncertainity and untrust. There are two things to notice here..When you read a mail…

01. You cannot interpret the email in exactly the same way the author wants.

02. You cannot interpret the email with out having your pre calculated perceptions and assumptions.

The first point is very usual thing until unless the author uses some alternatives to express his emotions in email. I feel that is not the problem with text, but the timing of the email. Emails are sent in absence of sense of time or mood of the reciever and the reader may interpret that email in anyway based on his mood and perspection. The reason behind this explanation is "SMS".

If you can treat SMS as a mini mail or chunk of email, nothing in this world can beat SMS in expressing your emotion and message, just in simple plain text with a limit of 160 characters per messages. That’s possible because, the author is aware of the mood and right time to send it …in one word…right context.

In many cases, a better email etiquette helps to avoid the egocentricism in others. Too much of formality, deep explanations, beating around bush are the biggest problems in many of the emails that cause this problem. a smiley always helps your reader to understand your tone of email. dont forget it !

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