Windows Defender Beta 2 is out !

Yes, the re-incarnated Microsoft Anti Spyware is now available as Windows Defender Beta 2 for customers. The web site shows that it has got 25+ million active customers. That’s not a bad number. You can download WDB2 here

Before you install this, I suggest you to read this and comparision chart of other anti spyware software with WDB2.

Right now, I have OneCare installed on my laptop and I am very happy with it’s performance, so I will not be installing one more Anti-Spyware software again. The fun part i found here is …the web site structure 🙂

/security/spyware/software/…. 🙂 WDB2 is not a spyware. I wish it should be "/security/antispyware/software"…

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2 Responses to Windows Defender Beta 2 is out !

  1. cladironbeard says:

    There’s Microsoft for you. They think green is red and visa versa =-)

    random person here,

  2. chowrescue says:

    I signed up for this beta and was too chicken to install it.
    I didn’t want to ruin my computer
    somehow I just couldn’t trust my windows computer to Microsoft windows

    I use OutPost Pro, NOD32, spybot, adaware, crap cleaner, and I axe most services.
    can’t be too paranoid…

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