First moments with google pages

I liked it ! 🙂 very much…very clean and simple…I have created my first page here…

I had seen a demo of Microsoft Office Live Essentials on, and found a similiar concept of creating your home page with just clicks. But i think if I try to compare these two services, it will be like comparing apples to oranges only.

Office live essentials looks more like a streamlined interface for your business needs and colloboration, but google pages are bit different from that aspect. Possibly its more similiar to yahoo’s geocities…

Now the question is : How google is going to use Google pages ??? By building a parallel google web?  I can see some future integrations form google on the same concepts..

01. Integration of Gtalk status on google pages
02. Targeting Google Ads for google pages
03. Google gadgets for google pages
04. API for Google pages
05. Frontpage support & other publishing support


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