Paint .NET is back on stage (not a beta)

Yes, It’s no longer a Beta program now. If you wonder WTH is Paint.NET ??? It is a small (3.1 MB) application, which was written by students of washington state university. Paint.NET is being considered as a serious compitetor for many of the comercial photo editing software available right now.

The things i liked most in PDN…

01. very small in installation

02. Free…Free…Free

03. Faster…Easier to learn

Paint .NET 2.6 runs on .NET 2.0 framework. Check the below feature list.

Paint.NET v2.6

Released: February 24th, 2006 – Download

This release is an upgrade of v2.5 that utilizes the brand
new .NET Framework v2.0 runtime. It introduces full 64-bit
support, an aesthetically updated user interface, better
performance, a new "Curves" adjustment, and seven new layer
blend modes.

What’s new in Paint.NET v2.6?

  • Full 64-bit support, for both x64 and
    Itanium systems
  • New "Curves" adjustment for editing an
    image’s color curves
  • Seven new layer blend modes: Color Burn,
    Color Dodge, Reflect, Glow, Overlay, Negation, and Xor
  • Aesthetic improvements to the entire user
  • Better performance, especially for 64-bit
  • Zooming, esp. with the mouse wheel, has
    been enhanced
  • Rewritten layer composition engine is now
    mathematically correct, and faster
  • Deployment via AD/GPO is now much easier
    (use /createMsi with setup package)
  • User interface now works correctly in
    high-DPI (120dpi, 144dpi, 196dpi)
  • Layers window list is no longer "upside
  • Upgraded to use .NET Framework 2.0
  • Many other
    improvements and fixes


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