MIX’06 content is up now !

Microsoft's MIX conference's presentation decks and HOLs are now available for public.



Run C# and XAML on your FireFox browser

That means, you can run your XAML apps on any browser (yes even on Mac), with a tiny .net host download hook.

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Look out for this HDD Killer

Think about a  very tiny hard disk which has no moving parts with in and runs 3 times faster any existing hard disks…wow, truely next generation memory storage, Is’nt it ?

World’s largest NAND flash maker Samsung unveiled a "32 GB Flash based Device" also called as Solid State Disk (SSD) .

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Origami is out !

Channel 9 has featured  the most awaited  mini tablet from Microsoft officially today.

You can watch the video here : Origami’s Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

Origami Portal described the whole video here

and Community Site here


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OnFolio is now “Live” !

Microsoft aquired OnFolio and will be releasing it as add-in to the Windows Live Toolbar today (March 8th) anytime.

MSN India proved it again…

MSN India proved it again that they only see India through thier cheap, bollywood glasses. I have once reported on the same issue with MSN india Portal here. I am ok if they are targeting to a specific group of audience in India who only want to read and with movie stuff and movie stars, gossips and other stupid stuff. But If MSN India is trying to be a leader in India Portal wars, I think it is completely destroying itself and going towards a dead end.

Look at thier woman’s day special page.

Any Indian woman who knows what are the strengths & great attributes of a woman would laugh at this site. I still not able to digest that a movie star with a temporary glamour can gain a 1st position beating some great women in India there on the same page like Sudha Murthy, Sania Mirza, Kiran Mazumdar etc. These women made the country proud and guiding the next generations towards the self independance from any sort of issues and path towards ultimate success.

Let’s take aishwarya’s case : A normal woman..entered in to modelling, someone made her act,(she is still not good in that) and won Miss World, had been in to lot of issues with some other movie co-stars for many bad reasons… what else? I don’t think there is something that the women in India could learn from her…It’s just crazy that MSN India thinks aishwarya comes on first place if you think about great women in india.

I am repeating…MSN India…Grow up !


Here comes the media Monster !

VoodooPC is a monster media PC with 8 TB (Yes…8 Tera Bytes 🙂 ) with 16 media bays with 500 GB of storage each.
and guess what is the operating system ? Its Windows Vista Home Premium. I never even thought of such a monsterous media system…voooooo….doooo, yes certainly its a voodoo stuff.

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