Web 2.0 has been around for decades?

Very interesting interview with Gary Flake, Director of Microsoft’s web 2.0 stuff "Live Labs". John Battle did a nice interview with this guy here.

Some comments from Gary on Web 2.0 as follows…

"Many folks within MS are now realizing that a lot of the stuff that’s
real about Web 2.0 — not the fluffy buzzwords but the fundamental and important
parts — have actually been part of MS’s core vision and mission for

Yes, I agree with this partially (because, I know MS has been doing this since decades, but not sure if its a part of vision and all). We can see web 2.0 traces right from windows explorer. Web publishing wizards, connecting to a web folder as easy as you connect to your network drive, Programmable web interactions in Office suite or whatever. If we can treat  Web 2.0 as an up trend of Internet Services & User Centric customization using standards, Microsoft certainly has started this long time back but failed to market as good as Oreilly.

AJAX and all this UI libraries have been there since years as a part of Microsoft’s  Internet Explorer DHTML documentation and object model. Ofcouse those are not cross browser compatible :-). The fact that strongly supports Gary’s point is…for web 2.0 applications, we have’nt done anything new to browsers, javascript or HTML. All we did is…we found a new way to reach customer by taking advantages of advancements in Internet like broadband and matured standards of communication.

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