Yahoo Mail Beta > Gmail > Live Mail

Sounds silly?, but I found it is not. Today I happend to use my yahoo account using the cute and cool Yahoo mail beta. Yahoo literally striked back (not on spam ofc :-)). I was so excited to see Yahoo mail beta, and yahoo did not screwed my excitement. Thanks to yahoo guys.

The first thing I observed in YMB (let me use this acronym, i am sick of using beta all the time as suffix) is the smartest real estate management on page. They have packed everything in a sleek design (see the screenshot) and added a tower AD at the extereme right side which is not distracting the user attention at all.

My biggest frustration with windows live mail is the way it uses space for ADs. Windows Live Mail uses the space just like free ice cream. 30% of screen size was dedicated for ADs and you will observe that they load ADs before your inbox. I am wondering who is working on usability science here. And more over the ADs will keep on change the positions based on your navigation(full view/partial view). Lets think from AD publisher perspective…Why any one on this earth would like to publish thier AD on windows live mail which shows the verticle ADs 80% visible at first sight. (see the screenshot).

Gmail lacks the powerful email management which is available in the above 2 mail systems. You need to be a geek or smart fellow to figure out a way to manage tags as folders in Gmail. The most powerfull feature which is rocking out there in gmail is the threaded view of mails but nothing else. Gmail is becoming slower day by day, still not yet out from Beta quality(I wonder what time they would take to deliver quality?). I rated Gmail in No 2 based on the performance in contrast with YMB. YMB looks like a perf champ to me. Truely awesome. what about WLMB ? Ahaa :D. Bit better than WLM's old build. Still I get atleast 2 failures a day. I dont think they will plan for a scale-up plan for WLM so soon. But I found WLMB has been improved a lot on catching SPAM. It's unline our old hotmail. Now Gmail is becoming the bulls eye for Spammers.

Check out this interesting experiment on Spam efficiency of Gmail..

SPAM my Gmail : An experiment with Gmail SPAM

I have my own screen shot which is driving me nuts these days. I have uninstalled my gmail notifier because of this spam. Gmail does'nt seem to be having basic filteration of spam keywords like "free university degree" etc.

Offcourse YMB is still bad on Catching SPAM. My bulk mail gets filled up and my inbox too nothing but with spam mails.

I will do some more experiments with these 3 brothers and come up with my findings. Please share your findings here.

2 Responses to Yahoo Mail Beta > Gmail > Live Mail

  1. vbsowmya says:

    I initially liked YMB..but,somehow…got bac to YM classic again…soon.
    I tried YMB for second time, after some time… but..again, was back to normal YM within a few days. after tht, i decided that YMB is not for me..

  2. Omar says:

    You gotta be kidding me! I have been using Gmail since it was launched, and the Spam filter is one of the best (if not the best)! There must be a different reason that you still receive spam in your inbox, perhaps you subscribed to those lists?

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