FireFox 2.0 comes with some features cut.

Via OSDir,

Yes the new bookmarking system you might have seen (if you have Bon Echo installed on your machine) is out due to lack of time in the current time frame.

An excerpt : "In an announcement posted to the Mozilla development USENET group, developer
Michael Schroepfer said that the feature can’t be completed adequately within
the the 2.0 timeframe, and that saving it for a future release will give the
core development time more time to focus on ensuring that Firefox 2 is as
polished as possible. Although the bookmark and history system will not be
included in the next major update, the underlying SQLite-based MozStorage
engine, which was built for the new bookmark and history system, will be
included for use by plug-in developers. Developers beware: the API for the
MozStorage system hasn’t frozen yet, so plug-ins that take advantage of this new
feature may have to undergo rewrites in the future."

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