10 years of Search Engine Watch

Dan Sullivan, editor of the famous SEW remembers his journey of 10 years in writing on search engines in this interesting writeup. Read it.

Some interesting milestones in those 10 years..


Microsoft Planning Own Search Engine? & Microsoft ToLaunch Search Engine: Microsoft's going to wipe out Google? Nine years ago, it was wondering if they were going to wipe out Yahoo, Open Text and others.

Search Engines Are Dead Discussion: Some marketers believed search was overblown as
a publicity venue and would soon go away. Hmm — I still hear this, yet they still seem to be important.


Counting Clicks and Looking at Links: Meet Google and the second generation of search

Ask Jeeves: Asking Questions To Give You Answers: Meet Ask Jeeves, which seriously
challenged Google with relevancy. It's just that those pesky editors to review results cost so darn much.


AltaVista To Go Public, Partner With Microsoft: Alas, they didn't go public, and that
partnership didn't last long, either.

Google Loses Virginity But Gains A Virgin: Larry and Sergey start making money by selling
ads on Google


Yahoo Partners With Google: Google cements its stature in the search world by
getting search kingpin Yahoo to carry its results.

Google Gets Paid Links, Quotes and More Languages: Seeing GoTo's success, Google unveils its own self-serve ad program, AdWords, where pricing is on a CPM model.


Bush's Dubious Victory At Google: Google's link system takes another blow as the
number one result for motherf***r is the official George W. Bush campaign web

The End For Search Engines?: A look at why so many search engines were on the ropes or dead by this year but how paid listings gave hope and life for new ones.

Google Acquires Deja Newsgroup Service: Google gets its first real heavy dose of
criticism after Deja junkies freak out when Usenet features get lost temporarily
after the acquisition.


Death Of A Meta Tag & Revisiting Meta Tags: The meta keywords tag loses further support.

Google Sued Over PageRank Decrease: Google finds itself sued over reducing the reported PageRank of various sites. A court later rules PageRank is a opinion, and that
Google can say whatever it wants.


Google Throws Hat Into The Contextual Advertising Ring: Later to be called AdSense,
Google starts an entirely new economy of bloggers and publishers depending on
its ads — plus ironically begins funding a lot of the same spam that screws up
its search results.

Microsoft's MSN Search To Build Crawler-Based Search Engine: Hmm. Maybe Google's going to eat us for lunch, so we should own our own search technology. So thinks and
acts Microsoft.


Google's (and Inktomi's) Miserable Failure: Looking at the now famous query for
"miserable failure" and how it brings up the official President George W. Bush
biography on Google and elsewhere.

Yahoo! Birth of a New Machine: From Chris Sherman, Yahoo finally unveils its own
search technology (and gives Google the boot).

Google Launches Gmail, Free Email Service: Google hits portals coming at it from
the search side where they thought they were safe, by offering free email, a
core portal feature. Tons of storage and fast searching changes the email

MSN Search Gets New Look; Microsoft Gets New Search Engine & Microsoft Unveils its New Search Engine – At Last: One from me; one from Chris Sherman
on MSN finally releasing its own search technology.


Google, Yahoo, MSN Unite On Support For Nofollow Attribute For Links: The first cooperative move for nearly ten years, where the major search engines unveiled a new
indexing command for web authors designed to help reduce link and comment


Gates Dings Google, Yet Fails To Impress On Search Himself: Microsoft execs keep dinging
on Google's and its "honeymoon period," but Microsoft's had its own extended
honeymoon period in search and failed to deliver as promised.

Google Now Censoring In China: The irony. Less than a week after Google said it would
fight the US government to defend its users, news came that it would cave into
the Chinese government's demands for censorship on its new Google China web
site. (Google's Chinese Censorship "Absolutely The Right Move," Says CEO Schmidt has links to
updated info and developments).

25 Things I Hate About Google & 25 Things I Love About Google: A rant on stuff Google should fix before continuing its breakneck expansion, soften by a look at the many things I love them for. 

Great Effort Dan ! We love you for SEW.

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