MS Office 2007 debuts in 14 Indian Languages

India is well known for it's diversity in both language and people. Microsoft seems to address this in it's next major version of Office release.

MS Office 2007 is going to be released in 14 different Indian Languages including major languages like Hindi, Telugu and Tamil in India.

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Yahoo releases Branded Beta 2 of Internet Explorer

Pardon me if I am ignorant, but IE 7 must be the first product which is being branded in its Beta stage. Yahoo released a customized Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 with all Yahoo features embedded by default.

Market Share shows that IE 7 Beta 2 has got better share than Opera 8 or Netscape. Given the fact that IE 7 beta 2 was not pushed by Microsoft forcibly, the constant increase in IE 7 Beta 2 usage should be genuine.

India is now 360’ed :-)

Microsoft today had announced the plans for XBOX 360 for Indian Market. Log on to
Pre-order Pack

"Speaking at the launch, Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman, Microsoft India said“ We are extremely excited about the India launch of Xbox which hasundoubtedly been the most eagerly awaited consumer product. Also thislaunch underlines the strong India commitment that we have as a companyfor ensuring that our customers in India have access to the latest andbest-of-breed technology solutions that enhance their overall PCexperience.”

Top 13 reasons to CONSIDER the Microsoft platform for Web 2.0

A cool descriptive list of reasons to choose Microsoft platform for your web 2.0 application development…

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Apple pulls plugs out in India

The iPod company "Apple" pulling out plugs for it's Indian Operations named "Apple Services India Pvt Ltd". All the employees (~30) will be given a severance package of 2 months salary the accounts will be settled by June 9th, 2006.

An Apple can't be more bitter than this for those poor employees.

You can raed it.

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