Quick-Kill Project Management

Andrew and Jennifer tells us how to do project management when you are asked to complete your project yesterday itself. I have had numerous experiences in this through out my software development career. This article reminds me some of those and makes me feel funny and sad both. Even now i cant understand why most of the managers can’t bridge business and development so effectively? (Atleast in india where people run to get projects by hook or crook).

I am currently reading a great book “One minute manager“. I would say each page in that book shows your manager in different angle and presents you the right angle which it should be. All Indian Software giants should make it mandatory for thier managers to read this book.

Coming back to Quick Kill Project Management…It uses 3 techniques to achieve results in a neck-to-neck situations in project delivery.

  • Vision and scope document
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Code review
  • Using the above techniques, we will be aiming to kill only the most pressing project problems instead of spreading the panic across the system.

    2 Responses to Quick-Kill Project Management

    1. veer ji wangoo says:

      These days I am preparing for PMI and working highly on scope and time management.
      It was wonderful to revisit PERT and other technics…

      I found your post very nice and useful

    2. Saurabh Diwan says:

      Nice Post, very rare to find on web.. and quite useful.

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