BlogCamp : Bloggers meet the BarCamp way…


 Bloggers from chennai, India are trying to gather at a blogging BarCamp in september. They have started the planning and execution already. You can visit their web site and see the progress here :

In their words..

India’s Biggest Unconference on Blogging, Podcasting, Videocasting & Social Media

Venue : Chennai
Date :
Tentatively September 9th and September 10th of 2006.

“This barcampish event will be INDIA’S BIGGEST & THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE blog event ever conducted. This event will aim to push the bar way up. There will be exclusive tracks for blogging, podcasting and videocasting.

The unconference will be a rich mixture of workshops, practical demos, presentations, interactive quizzes, lectures, iron-man challenges, debates, group discussions and games.

This event will be global in nature as arrangements will be made for participants from around the world can participate via video conferencing. Not to mention live blogging, webcasting and podcasting of all the sessions. ”

If this camp becomes a big success, I am sure bloggers in the other cities in India would definitely start planning around one like this…I wish them a great success.


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