GOOD News : Ban was lifted….:-)…

The Department of Telecommunications of the Government of India has lifted the ban on blogs  following pressure from the Indian blogger community and the media. Even with the lifting of the ban several bloggers from BloggersCollective are getting ready to file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court of India against the Government censorship of the Internet.

Flash News : Blog Blockade will be lifted in 48 hours (Source : Rediff)

Helping hand from Pakistan :  This is a great gesture….The pakistani bloggers community is giving its helping hand to support all Indian bloggers to route thier blog links to pkblogs using a cool-nifty script…find more about it here….

Heard from friends : Blockade still continues…seems some ISPs have removed the restrictions already and the banned blog sites are now accessible. well, the real good news is not yet out 😦

Wired Coverage :

“In its efforts to shut down extremists blogs, the government ended up blocking all access to several websites, including the popular That brought calls from angry internet users and software executives on Wednesday. They called for the Indian government to reopen access to the sites.

The Indian internet service providers don’t have the technological wherewithal to block specific blogs on a blogging site. Consequently, they ended up blocking the entire site,” said technology expert Pawan Duggal.

Gulshan Rai, director of the state-run Computer Emergency Response Team of the Information Technology Ministry, said the government order targeted four blogs hosted on blogspot.

“There’s no attempt to block from our side,” the Hindustan Times quoted him as saying.

On Wednesday morning it was still difficult to access blogs on that website from India. Angry Indian internet users exchanged e-mails and flooded message boards with postings in protest.

Kiran Karnick, president of The National Association of Software and Services Companies, the country’s main information technology trade group, said his organization would take up the matter with the government.”

India is the world’s largest democratic country…once upon a time. It’s a shame to add the last part, but it seems we are successfully heading towards that destination.

Indian government now successfully have shutdown the access to all blogspot, typepad and geocities blogs at ISP level. This is a serios violation of primary rights possessed by all indians by means of Indian Constitutional Law.

The right to freedom is one of the most important fundamental right that have been granted to us by the founders of Indian Constitution. This right allow every citizen of India to be free from the ancient form of slavery. This fundamental right is described in the constitution as:

All citizens shall have the right-

  • “To freedom of speech and expression;”
  • To assemble peaceably and without arms;
  • To form associations or unions;
  • To move freely throughout the territory of India;
  • To reside and settle in any part of the territory of India;
  • to practise any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business.

India Uncut coverage on this Disaster

My heart feels burnt when I see India beside countries like Pakistan, China where freedom and democracy has no meaning.

This is what you will see on homepage

Is your blog blocked in India, Pakistan, Iran or China?

If Yes then you can still access your blog anytime using pkblogs free Blog Gateway.

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