GTalk…and the Reality !

TechCrunch has published some facts about Gtalk (one of the many Beta products out there) usage on this planet(assuming google may launch GTalk for moon and it gets digged 4000 times).

The fact is bitter….as bitter as Gmail’s performance. Gtalk was ranked at 4th position with 1% of message traffic according to comsScore media.

NYT has its own version of the story published here

 So what do you think about these facts? people just talk about innovation and they don’t use it? I disagree on that point having seen the success of Fire Fox browser. The important factor in these failure is the lack of feedback and user study. Google search engine might be very smart in learning things automatically but not the managers who build applications at google on thier own. Some of these google products are half baked, and pre-matured born babies. These products gets lot of hype and no features with-in. GTalk stands in the front-row of such class. I wonder on one fact that who the hell want to chat with someone when they want to read mails in the same interface? That’s very funny.


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