Kevin Rose breaks on Calacanis

Atlast Kevin Rose, the founder breaks on the offer made by Calacanis, CEO of Weblogs, Inc. Calacanis made an open offer to all the top diggers to use the latest re-built instead of

Kevin Rose has attacked calacanic on the latest diggnation podcast and on his blog throwing some personal commnt warfare at him.

My thoughts : When I first read about calacanis offer, I thought he must be a mad guy to offer this way. But later I found there is a cause and reason behind it. Actually, that is the actual economical model that any Web 2.0 firm should adopt. gets thousands of links and valuable comments from users and it does’nt pay a single cent out of it’s revenues. Kevin Rose and Alex does chit-chat about the links submitted and earn millions out of it? (when they sell to anyone :-)).

Infact these days you can find a pattern in’s post…most of the posts are created on one of the following topics…

01. Fire Fox “X” version released
02. How to make egg shape using only CSS
03. Gmail new feature released
04. One more vulnerability in Microsoft “X” product

Come on diggers, cut the crap….ofcourse the world of software is not limited to gmail and microsoft.


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