Why you should kick "Adobe PDF Reader" Out !

Everyone knows the importance of a PDF reader in day to day life and thanks to adobe for such a cool product.

Then why the hell, I am asking you to kick out the PDF reader itself ? Well, we have one more cool product for us to read PDF documents instead of Adobe PDF reader.

I have been using Foxit Reader since it’s version 1.2 and I was very much impressed with the ease and performance of the little tool. The reasons I got to remove Adobe’s PDF reader are as follows…

01. Size

When I re-build my laptop anytime, I used to search for Adobe PDF reader software in my CDs, just because I could not wait 15~20 mins of time to download the heavy download of Adobe Reader using my low-bandwidth internet connection out here.

Now Adobe PDF Reader 7.0 comes up in a ~20 MB sized download. Give a break ! Why should I download a whoping 20 MB files just to read a PDF file…?

On the contrary side, Foxit Reader comes in an amazing 1.5 MB (almost fits a floppy) sized download.

02. Installation

Adobe Reader has a good installer which creates many registry entries. Foxit Reader does not need an Installer. It works as a stand alone reader. All it does probably is to register itself as a PDF Opener program on your OS.

03. PerformanceMany times, people get frustated by the time Adobe PDF reader takes to load when they open any PDF from browser. That is very annoying and irritating. Foxit wins over Adobe here too…Super fast and Instantaneous.

04. Annoying

I hate Adobe PDF reader’s Update manager. When I am eager to open some important documentation, Adobe update manager starts checking for updates and prompts for updating the client.

So what are you waiting for now? Just kick out your Adobe PDF reader and go get the cool Foxit PDF Reader.

8 Responses to Why you should kick "Adobe PDF Reader" Out !

  1. Ashish says:

    Why use VS on windows rather MONO on LINUX?
    Why use Windows Media Player, when real player does all the job?
    last, Why use Windows at all?
    huh..get yourself a break, get some life. Dont curse such nice piece of software.
    Its the EASE and comfort and confidence that your that “single” document will open successfully with all interactivity (media like sound and video), SECURITY and tons of other features which you are not even aware of!
    Never hate but love!

  2. Vishnu Vyas says:

    Or, if you are on linux.. nothing beats xpdf.

  3. sudhakar says:

    Ashish, I think you work for Adobe, then it makes sense 🙂

    Yes I agree with you..You dont have to use only VS on windows if you dont need all the advantage that comes with VS.

    I use real player on my PC, so no worries at all. 🙂

    Yes I need a break in life..Let me kick some stupid software out of my laptop and have nifty ones in.

    I am not cursing Adobe PDF reader, but I dont seem to be impressed by that in contrast with Foxit.

    Your suggestion not to hate something is very good and I dont hate anything in my life. But dont preech me that I shd love something which is stupid and bulky for my day to day life.

    You better get a break and enjoy Foxit.

  4. PK says:

    wow….wow… keep it down buddies! Ashish, your argument and comparison od the VS in windows to Adobe is alright man, but personally I use adobe pdf reader and for most of the time I only need it at work, to review some report or something which do not include any of “the said” nifty features like audio, video etc., and I strongly believe that if foxit can do the job (of leeting me view the pdf documents) and if it does with flair (using a fraction of system resources) then why not try it man? And last but not the least, if you do not want to try it fine man, there’s no need to shout. I haven’t tried it yet but I will, now.

    P.S: I use a free pdf maker at work since I do not have acrobat installed on my office PC. http://primopdf.com/ I think its a great free tool, only gripe is that you can only make pdf’s out of other documents but you can not (or at least I don’t know yet) combine 2 or more pdf files in to one.

  5. Daijinryuu says:

    Hehehe, I don’t use adobe reader on my laptop as I have the kde version, whatever it is called. And I saved several hundred $$ by using OpenOffice to create my own pdf files to put online for my father’s website.

  6. vbsowmya says:

    Thanks for the info. Have just installed Foxit and ran it for the first time now.
    Quite surprised seeing the quick installation and almost negligible time taken to open the document, unlike Adobe Acrobat reader. I like it as of now, though I dunno the intricacies in it yet.

  7. Vadivel says:

    Nice post Sudhakar. Interestinig comments too 🙂

    I am just using FoxIt for 2 to 3 weeks now and here is my feedback on the same.

    But one thing which i noticed is, in both of our posts the reasons which we have mentioned for moving to FoxIt seems to be almost same! May be like mind think alike LOL

  8. Ryan says:

    Foxit doesnt have Digital Signature Verification – A much needed functionality.

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