Serious competition for OneNote

If you feel like “what the heck is OneNote…”, Here is a head start. OneNote is a cool note taking software which comes along with Microsoft Office system. OneNote is mainly targeted for professional, students and Information Workers who need to take lots of notes and manage it and communicate it efficiently. You can find more about OneNote here.


[Click on the image to see a preview of OneNote 2007 if you like to]

Most important feature of OneNote is it’s Instantaneous note saving capabilities. You dont have to worry about saving it explicitly. Copy/Paste or just type whatever you want, that is enough for OneNote to remember it forever. You can share your notes with other peers too. OneNote also supports Rich Editing features and some special note taking behaviors (bulleting etc).

Now let’s look at the new competitor for OneNote.

I found this cool & nifty tool called EverNote last week in a late night surf. I found it very interesting at first sight, not just becoz if comes for FREE, but it almost mimics the look & feel of OneNote in some aspects.

Currently OneNote 2003 full version is priced at around 99$. Ofcourse 99$ is very small amount to pay for that cool Note taking software. But what about students, people who can’t  afford 99$ for a note taking software. I feel programs like EverNote should be a very good choice for such cases.

EverNote Full Mode View

As you can see, EverNote comes with a categories pane, with some special categories pre-defined for you where you can store clips and notes from various applications. The main pane has support for multiple types of note in a single view.

You can add templates to the Notes, so that a pre-defined structure will be presented to you to just fill-in the information.

If you add few types of notes, typically EverNote looks as shown below..

I am not sure if EverNote can serve you in all aspects just like OneNote, but this tool for sure is a good companion for poor man 🙂

2 Responses to Serious competition for OneNote

  1. Muralidhar says:

    Whats the URL to try EventNote??

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