Windows Vista : Cool Stuff packaged


Windows Vista has got a new cool package skin now. No more naggy names and technical names on the package. The colors are very decent and cool to eyes.

You can view the high resolution box shots out here…

Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Home Basic

Windows Vista Home Premium

Windows Vista Business


Orkut no longer requires an Invitation

The above picture says it all. Orkut (A google company) has removed the “By Invitation Only” concept and now allows any user to join Orkut. This could be a major hit on the concept behind SPAMless social communities…

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My Photoblog

Well, I am back from a hectic + cool vacation spent in Coorg Valley. I would be writing a detailed travelog on my visit (I should write atleast for the enthusiasts who might wanna visit Coorg in future..). Meanwhile I am a bit busy in shaping up the snaps I have clicked during the visit. I am updating my photoblog with some of them.

Cool Clicks is now Revived !

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Windows Vista Team finds a new place to blog…

No..its no longer “” and that sleepy community server templated blog 🙂

Windows Vista team has skinned thier blog with a shiny Windows Vista skin..

Visit :

You can also read Jim Alchin’s post about the new Team blog here

Via: Scobleizer

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Microsoft clears the clouds over Vista Licensing

Since a week, there are too many discussions around Windows Vista licensing. It has created enough ripples in existing windows user community and had given much boost to anti-MS activists.

According to the licensing terms, if you buy a windows vista, the license will be tightly coupled with your hardware and can be activated only once. Any hardware change such as HDD, Main board etc would require a new license again. This has created a fearsome ripple in user community. A normal windows user might not want to install Vista over many machines many times. But many of the Windows enthusiasts and geeks does this many many times. They change hardware, try new hardware and re-install OS many times. The new licensing terms would cause a big hit to these activities.

Today Microsoft has cleared the clouds over the licensing terms, while talking to a hardware tech news website “bit-tech” and said that “Windows Vista will not require a system re-activation unless the hard drive and one other component is changed. This means that enthusiasts will be able to swap CPUs, memory and graphics cards out without any worry about having to re-activate with MS, either on the internet or by phone.”

Read more about the story here..

and @ Engadget

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How to take professional looking photos ?

With out a professional camera and a professional ? You must have seen some amazing effect in most of the professional photographer’s snaps. I used to wonder many times, how could I get that kind of effect and used to think I must buy a EOS/SLR camera for that along with cool lens and filters. I tried some of the tricks at my CoolClicks photoblog too.

Today I happend to read this cool tutorial on How to create Professional looking photos with out a professional. Very interesting one. There are many tips for photographers as well.

Read more here at Taking Professional Looking Photos Without a Professional

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Who wins the race?


I hear many people seriously discussing about IE 7 Vs Firefox on speed. Why only IE Vs FF? FireFox is really that much faster than IE or any other browsers? Is there any browsers out there to compete? Well, you are wrong if you think Fire Fox is an ultimate killer in Performance. Infact it stands in 3rd place in speed test.

SnagIt Capture

Based on the above speed tests, Opera seems to be a clear winner in performance on windows platform. Internet Explorer is more performant than FireFox except in script speed. Read more on the Original Srory on Browsers Speed wars