Make your own PhotoFilm and do many things with it !

I have just created the above FilmLoop with some of my snaps. I was very impressed by the way the developers have designed this small concept. In simple words…

01. You download a small tool
02. You get a small strip where you can Drag & Drop your favourite pics. Add captions to each image.
03. That’s it. You are ready to publish your FilmLoop in many ways…

The above FilmLoop was created out of my collection as a “HTML & JavaScript Badge”.

Let me show you how easily you can create a FilmLoop…

01. Choose the “Create” option from FilmLoop to get a Canvas as shown below.

02. Now Drag & Drop some of your coolest snaps on this canvas.

03. Your canvas looks as shown below..

Now you can use this FilmLoop as a scrolling badge on desktop, or as a screen saver, as a scrolling badge in your email signature or blog…too many ways to express your snpas.

Finally, you can browser thousands of photoloops created by community and run those loops on your desktop Very cool ! 🙂


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