Your Free Secure Online Drive…

Online Drives are back for us, Web 2.0 revolution has brought the free storage back in to action. In Windows 98 days, Yahoo used to provide a nifty extension to Windows Explorer called “Yahoo Briefcase for windows”. It used to allow us to drag and drop files in to Yahoo briefcase. For some reasons Yahoo had to kill that tool for XP.

The Online drives are back again with the revolutionary Gmail system which was very much extensible for developers. Developers have written cool applications like Gmail Drive and Gmail Space etc, where you can store your files in Gmail in a specific retrievable format. But these tools are very much tied to the mercy of Google. Anytime google will have right to block such tools accessing thier Gmail inboxes.

The real second generation Online drives are now coming up. Some of them are shown here…(Click on images to visit respective websites)

I have tried some of them (Mozy, esnips and XDrive) and found AOL’s Xdrive as the best as of now. I am eagerly waiting for Omnidrive to send me an invite.

XDrive gives you a “no strings attached” online storage of 5 GB where you can manage it either online or from your Windows Explorer. You can also schedule backups and create multiple backup sets. The coolest feature in xdrive is “Sharing”. You can share your data with your trusted peers. eSnips also has a similiar feature.

A Typical Console of XDrive looks as shown below…(This should give you some idea of Online drive concept).

Note : To enable Windows XP explorer integration, XDrive installs a Loopback network adapter in your system.

XDrive in Windows Explorer

XDrive Console (Sits in System Tray)


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  1. Kiran says:

    Saw your blog link in telugublog group. Very nicely maintained, & informative blog!

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