Developers, Comments and Fun

If you are a developer at any time in your life, you should have written atleast one crazy line of comment in your code. If not..well, may be you are not a developer at all..:-) Just kidding !

After the launch of Google code search, a new fun started and floating around netizens is to dig through the billion lines of code written by developers across world.

Someone found Winzip’s serial key generator algorithm too.

But the fun part of this code search comes in action, when you try to search certain keywords…

some of the comments that I found

169: /* these aren’t actually used. if they are, we’re screwed */ struct protoent {

252: ### mark that we screwed up ###

/* If you f*** with this, update ret_from_syscall code too. */

295: I will not discuss it here (though, I am really pissed off at this stupid requirement making rthdr idea useless)

406: # # _why:: Go nuts! Have a pony parade! #

85: while 1: # Good morning. We just woke up. # The first thing we need is a new connection.

/* “The horror, the horror … ” */ /* Marlon Brando – Appocalypse Now */

639: /**************************************************************************** Open a file – exposing the full horror of the NT API :-).

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One Response to Developers, Comments and Fun

  1. mukund says:

    we do this a lot ourself. 🙂

    atleast I do.

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