Bug in Fire Fox 2 RSS Subscriber ?

I observed this weird behavior in FireFox 2 today. Not sure If this is a bug or an existing by design feature. If it is by design, it is weird. Apparently there is a problem in default behavior of RSS subscriber in Fire Fox 2 RC1, which it is not able to recognize the subscribed feeds. Due to this problem, you will encounter a stupid dialog to add your RSS feed in an endless loop and you can never reach a page you visited already.

How to Repro :

01. Open Fire Fox 2 RC1, visit any blog

02. Click on RSS icon of the blog as shown below..

SnagIt Capture

03. A RSS feed reader will be shown to you. Here you can subscribe to this feed and make Live Bookmarks as a default RSS subscriber. Check the checkbox and subscribe to the feed.

04. Now click on any link on the same page (RSS display page). That will take you to some blog post.

05. Now if you want to read one more post, you may want to go back to RSS page and click on another link. Try to hit “Back” button. You can never go back to that RSS feed page again regardless whatever you click on the below shown dialog..

Why this could be a Bug ?

When I subscribe a feed in firefox, I would expect that firefox does remembers that and does not throw the dialog to add that feed again and again. Ideally this dialog should not be shown as my feed was already subscribed and I just want to read that feed.


One Response to Bug in Fire Fox 2 RSS Subscriber ?

  1. Sam says:

    Good catch.

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