Indic support in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger has announced that it will be supporting Indic languages in thier new Yahoo messenger with Voice. Yahoo has come up with various plugins to support tabbed chatting and chatting in Indic languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil. You can see how telugu plugin works in Yahoo messenger as shown below.


You can download the Indic chat plugin “Jhol” from here.

2 Responses to Indic support in Yahoo Messenger

  1. Kiran says:

    But, the IndiChat plugin released by Yahoo has no Telugu, only Hindi and Tamil. I am certainly pissed off. Why the hell is the largest spoken Dravidian language not among the first released versions of Indic-language apps by companies??

  2. amol says:

    calm down man…dont you have anything better to do than crib? make it yourself then, if you are so concerned about getting it first.

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