How to take professional looking photos ?

With out a professional camera and a professional ? You must have seen some amazing effect in most of the professional photographer’s snaps. I used to wonder many times, how could I get that kind of effect and used to think I must buy a EOS/SLR camera for that along with cool lens and filters. I tried some of the tricks at my CoolClicks photoblog too.

Today I happend to read this cool tutorial on How to create Professional looking photos with out a professional. Very interesting one. There are many tips for photographers as well.

Read more here at Taking Professional Looking Photos Without a Professional

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2 Responses to How to take professional looking photos ?

  1. Uday Bhaskar says:

    Nice one good the software may be, there is nothing that can beat the photo with the right aperture setting and the right speed, we can have natural shot …if you want to perfect yourself in those parameters, start using the simcam on

  2. Savvy? says:

    yes uday, I concur with you. Though we take some pictures with normal cameras, we could make them look professional by using right imaging tools. I have posted a pic which was modified in a similiar way in my photoblog (

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