Are you Infomaniatic?

BBC has reported Infomania as worser than marijuana. What exactly is Infomania…well the name says it all…Mania about information…Refreshing your outlook inbox 2 times every minute, checking personal mail account every 30 minutes…what so ever is similiar to that…is called “Infomania

Infomania causes lot of side effects in IT workers according to BBC. They found 62% of people checked work emails at home or a holiday. This was reported in april, 2005. Now it must have shooted up to 80% for sure. This behavior causes severe imbalance in Work and Life. It also effects other employees who enjoy life as life.

There is one more side effect worser than all of the above…i.e a 10 point fall in thier I.Q. (marijuana causes 5% fall only).

Read more @ BBC

Side Kick : I found myself as an Infomaniatic…:-(, I don’t check work emails at home, but blogs, digg, techmeme, koodali etc…and I am blogging this at 3:01 AM IST.


Create your own Online Radio

Creating own online radio is a dream for many of us. It involves a very big problem “bandwidth cost”. Hosting streaming media results in to a huge budget. Live365 used to be a good stage to host our own online radio, but now seems to be useless.

Diino, a new Web 2.0 venture seems to be a good alternative to host your own radio online. Diino is an online storage solution which allows you to store your documents, music, mails etc on a 2 GB online drive. The best feature is, it allows you to listen to your music via streaming…wwwwoow

Let is see how to create an Online Radio using Diino…

01. Create an account with and download the diino client.

02. Login to your Dilino Client and create a folder “music”.

03. Upload your mp3 files to diino account and enable web access as follows..


04. Unable web access on the mp3 files you wanted to stream…(Right Click on the mp3 file and click “Enable Web Access”)

SnagIt Capture

05. Once diino publishes your mp3 files, you can access your playlist at

06. Now you can play your songs 🙂 and share it with your friends too..


Is’nt cool ? 🙂

SQL Server beats Oracle atlast

Atleast in security…

According to a recent security research done by David Litchfield, SQL Server 2000 with SP4 turned out as the most secured database in the market. You can read the full report in the following PDF Article. David also pointed that SQL Server 2005 is more secure.

Via Vunet and Vineet Gupta

Indian Democrasy : Now Impersonated

We all know that, agree that Indian democracy is the most flawed democracy. Is’nt it? You wanna disagree with me? In the words of software world, no other system in this world has got the defect density that Indian democracy (so called) got. A democratic country with no proper human rights, heavy beauracracy, land lords, corruption, illegitimate politics, child labour, illitarcy and what else…

Economic Intelligence, a division of leading magazine The Economist has published a new index of flawed democracy and India stands at 9.58 out 10 score. Congratulations to all the politicians who made thier contributions to India’s achivement. Jai hind…(Hail India)

Read more here

A mouse that floats (literally)!

Here comes the world’s first friction less mouse. This is really a craziest gadgest I have ever seen till now. This mouse uses electro maganetic field to float on the surface and makes it a best mouse for Gaming.

Besides this feature, It has 6000 DPI optical engine with a aluminium metalized surface.

Go get one for you 🙂

India Outsourcing 101

eWeek has published a video hosted by Stan Gibson that talks about setting up outsourcing shops in India and managing the budgets as per expectations. As there are much publicity happening on India losing it’s low salary edge, this talk seems to be very interesting. In this talk stan talked about various factors like Wage inflation, Turnover, Cultural Factors.

Read more stories on Outsourcing in India here

Thrilled to be a part of Dev Con 2006, Hyderabad

It was proved again ! Hyderabad is a place for happenings for Developer communities. It was a sunday, the weekend. Indian cricket team is touring south africa and they’re supposed to play africans on the same day. Would any indian cricket fan dare to step out of home? 🙂 But the developer community in Hyderabad did so. Dev Con 2006 has got a massive attendance of ~400 developers. The enthusiam and passion they have showin is just beyond the word “Amazing”. I am proud to be associated with the event as a manager and speaker. Thanks and hats off to the developer community out there in Hyderabad, India.

Some of the glimpses…

01. Folks are ready at registrations by early morning 8:15 AM (well, I dint even reach the venue by that time :-))

02. .NET tracks are extended till 7:30 PM as per demands from attendees. They dint agreed to seperate the halls and have parallel tracks. They have got an additional session on BLINQ too.

03. Many of the developers are thrilled to see the power of Ajax and Browser’s capabilities in building applications on top of Internet Explorer in a session presented by Cordys folks.

04. 90% of attendees are aware of many web 2.0 products like Orkut, Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

05. Many of the attendees demanded for both SQL and .NET sessions as they’re asked to split in to different streams.

06. Some of the registrants are from govrnment orgs like A.P High court and BSNL.