RSS Lists, Simple Lists Extensions and the future

Yes, we all know much about RSS. We subscribe, We Create, We search..and We xxxxx. RSS has now become everyone’s end point to outer world. Your kid may get his home work questions delivered from his teacher’s RSS feed very soon.

Having found too many advantages, industry experts tried to put thier brains on work just to see how they can push this revolution in to hands of customer? In to a micro device affixed in to a toy? or a dustbin…Is it possible?

I heard long time backm that Microsoft has made a smart home where you can find smart gadgets can play with these objects as if you are dealing with real software objects. I am not sure if it is hypothetical 🙂 Similiar concept was made by sun and named it as Jini in which you can talk to any device in it’s language protocol. But somehow all these efforts never made it to the hands of customer yet.

RSS Lists and Simple List Extensions are one more step in this concept. You will publish self desribed lists using RSS protocol and make devices presnt those lists..

Read more about RSS Lists here

and check out some RSS lists (Use some RSS reader like IE7 or Windows Live Mail Desktop).

Yahoo! Music Top Songs

Yahoo! Music Top Videos

Yahoo! Music Top Albums

A Wish List @ Amazon

In future, you can think of a Windows Side Show Gadget showing up RSS lists from the local departmental store on all discounted items available that particular day…Sounds exciting ! Isnt it? 🙂



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