Golden South ! and Andhra Pradesh

CNN-IBN is celebrating 50 years of Soutern states in India, and running an online poll to find out most popular Andhrite. This list includes famous politicians like NTR, movie actor Chiranjeevi, Sania mirza (I am not sure why she was suddenly so popular), Ramalinga Raju (Satyam Computers), and Satya Saibaba (a spiritual  guru) and Mir Usman Ali Khan.

Somehow I felt, this list is very much immatured and IBN is depending too much on movies and latest popularities. I dont understand why on this Mr. Mir Usman Ali Khan will be a popular “Andhrite” ? It was funny.

He was kicked out to form the state “Andhra” itself.

I found only one genuine entry in this list …That is Mr. NTR.

golden andhra 

Anyway, You can also cast your vote here… (New windows)


One Response to Golden South ! and Andhra Pradesh

  1. the intruder says:

    Dude, NTR is undoubtedly the best but others except Mir Usman Ali Khan and sania mirza are also great. Its very interesting to know that the % of votes that NTR got is far more than what the winners in other south Indian states got.
    kudos to NTR.

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