Microsoft BlogStars Contest : The Fun Side…

Recently Microsoft India has launched a contest “Microsoft BlogStars“. The contest was designed to hunt the best developer blogs in India.

Today they have announced the contest winners. Most of them are MVPs. Thats a great news. Obviously they maintain the best possible developer connection with community as well as Microsoft. You can see the winners list here.

I found some funny things on this contest page…

01. Out of three judges only one judge manages his personal blog (A very good one), the other two judges does’nt have any blogs (or they are not listed).

02. The contest page listed some blogs by employees under “Cool Blogs”. I can see there is only one/two active blogs in those 7 blogs. 3 blogs have got under 6 total posts. One blog was stopped in March, 2006 and one in Dec, 2006.

I am surprised to see this page and was not able to understand what message they want to give the contestants? To be frank….the developer blogs in india are not living up to mark. Thats for sure. Am also surprised to see Digital Inspiration slipped off from Top 5. That was one of the top visited tech blogs in India. I could not find top .net blogs like too smile_thinking

Anyway, I am happy to see Indian dev bloggers getting enough recognition. Kudos guys !

One Response to Microsoft BlogStars Contest : The Fun Side…

  1. Prasanth says:

    >> “top .net blogs like
    How do you guys say a blog to be “TOP”?

    I have visited that site many times and have found nothing interesting as of now 😦 It takes atleast a minute or two for the initial page to load itself!!!

    I am a regular reader of Scoble’s blog. Once I saw he mentioning about dotnetIndia as well. I couldn’t control my laughter 🙂 Just because a person is experienced and a MVP does it meam we can call his blog be a #1 ranked lol.

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