OmniDrive is here for you !

I am awaiting this moment since long. I have enrolled myself for a beta, but never happend to get an invitation till now. Today OmniDrive opened the doors for public and I am now happy 🙂

OmniDrive is nothing but an Online drive to store your files of any type. Initially every account holder would get a 1 GB free space allocated. The best advantage of Omnidrive is the windows explorer extension. You can use OmniDrive right with in your Windows explorer just like any other drive. Xdrive also supports this kind of feature.

TechCrunch praises OmniDrive as “Online Storage Perfection“.

What are you waiting for? Dont waste time reading this stupid blog…go grab an account with OmniDrive :-).


3 Responses to OmniDrive is here for you !

  1. Tom says:

    Just thought I’d let you know, I was your 9,999th visitor, and snapped a pic of the monumental occasion! If you want it, gimmie a shout and i’ll mail it to you. I think you can see my email address.


  2. sudhir says:

    It still asks for invitation code 😦

  3. Jessica Hull says:

    Hey, my name is Jessica, I’m an employee at Omnidrive. We’re so glad to open up our beta to public, there were just so many requests during private beta that we unfortunately couldn’t fulfill all of them.

    Sudhir – the invitation code requirement will be taken out shortly but in the meantime you can use the code WEB2CON – it was a private code during our launch at the Web2.0 Summit Launch Pad but has been made public on our blog for some time now.

    I hope you enjoy using Omnidrive (:

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