Photosynth just went Live !

Atlast Microsoft has opened up the curtains of the much awaited imaging technology preview “Photosynth” Go grab a session of technical preview here. (All the stuff you enjoy is actually will be done in a web page..)

Q. What does Photosynth do?

  • A. Photosynth combines hundreds or thousands of regular digital photos of a scene to present a detailed 3D model, giving viewers the sensation of smoothly gliding around the scene from every angle. The scene can be constructed regardless of whether the photos are from a single or multiple sources. It’s like a hybrid of a slide show and a gaming experience that lets the viewer zoom in to see greater detail or zoom out for a more expansive view. By viewing the photos in a 3D context you are able to get a better sense for the place where they were captured.

I cant wait to jump in to this page and roam around the virtual place stitched by Photosynth using some snaps.

2 Responses to Photosynth just went Live !

  1. Tyler says:

    I’m not able to get past the system check and I’ve tried IE6 and IE7. I’m getting an “Error on page.” which is:

    Line: 38
    Char: 14
    Error: Object expected
    Code: 0

    Anybody else with this problem?

  2. Tyler says:

    It must have been a temporary glitch because it’s working for me now. It’s awesome! Like you, I can’t wait to upload my own pictures into it!

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