Thrilled to be a part of Dev Con 2006, Hyderabad

It was proved again ! Hyderabad is a place for happenings for Developer communities. It was a sunday, the weekend. Indian cricket team is touring south africa and they’re supposed to play africans on the same day. Would any indian cricket fan dare to step out of home? 🙂 But the developer community in Hyderabad did so. Dev Con 2006 has got a massive attendance of ~400 developers. The enthusiam and passion they have showin is just beyond the word “Amazing”. I am proud to be associated with the event as a manager and speaker. Thanks and hats off to the developer community out there in Hyderabad, India.

Some of the glimpses…

01. Folks are ready at registrations by early morning 8:15 AM (well, I dint even reach the venue by that time :-))

02. .NET tracks are extended till 7:30 PM as per demands from attendees. They dint agreed to seperate the halls and have parallel tracks. They have got an additional session on BLINQ too.

03. Many of the developers are thrilled to see the power of Ajax and Browser’s capabilities in building applications on top of Internet Explorer in a session presented by Cordys folks.

04. 90% of attendees are aware of many web 2.0 products like Orkut, Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

05. Many of the attendees demanded for both SQL and .NET sessions as they’re asked to split in to different streams.

06. Some of the registrants are from govrnment orgs like A.P High court and BSNL.


2 Responses to Thrilled to be a part of Dev Con 2006, Hyderabad

  1. murthy says:

    Thats really cool..Its really amazing to hear that, how our developer community has grown over years, and in hyderabad, how MUGH is helping to reach developers.

    Awaiting for the stats of feedbacks 🙂


  2. I would rate nov 19th as one of the best days in my life. I was so lucky to hear such good presentations,knowledge which I gained would have never possible without DEVCON 2006. Thanks a lot to the core members !!!

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