Are you Infomaniatic?

BBC has reported Infomania as worser than marijuana. What exactly is Infomania…well the name says it all…Mania about information…Refreshing your outlook inbox 2 times every minute, checking personal mail account every 30 minutes…what so ever is similiar to that…is called “Infomania

Infomania causes lot of side effects in IT workers according to BBC. They found 62% of people checked work emails at home or a holiday. This was reported in april, 2005. Now it must have shooted up to 80% for sure. This behavior causes severe imbalance in Work and Life. It also effects other employees who enjoy life as life.

There is one more side effect worser than all of the above…i.e a 10 point fall in thier I.Q. (marijuana causes 5% fall only).

Read more @ BBC

Side Kick : I found myself as an Infomaniatic…:-(, I don’t check work emails at home, but blogs, digg, techmeme, koodali etc…and I am blogging this at 3:01 AM IST.

One Response to Are you Infomaniatic?

  1. scary…but a very good information…without a second thought i conclude myself as an infomaniac…thnx a ton! i am signing off now……..

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