has published the Best Of 2006 List.

Now it’s amazon’s turn after PCMag to reveal what lied beneath thier customer’s heart. You can find the list here.. Best of 2006 List

Some of the interesting rankings…

XBox 360 has got a berth in “Most Popular Gift Products”

Best Selling DVD : Pirates of Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest

Best Selling Electronics : Apple iPods (what else?)

Nintendo Wii has secured a place in Most Wished-For Products.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe has got it’s berth in Most Popular Gift Products.

[Via CrunchGear]

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DivShare, Share the files the way you wanted

Finally I found this cool online drive which gives me unlimited storage to upload my files, albums at a super fast speed with no expiration set for any file.

DivShare, a new web 2.0 application is online now to offer you a high quality online storage and sharing platform. The user interface was very cool and simple to understand with out any hassles. Except the upload limit of 100MB per upload, there are absolutely zero restrictions applicable on this application. That’s truly a “WOW”.

There are basically 3 steps in DivShare

01. Select a file :  Select one or multiple files (Right now there is no way you can select more than 5 files, but we can expect this feature in future :-))

02. Upload is done ! : Once you click Upload button, the site grabs your files as fast as it can and creates a shared URL as shown below. You can also see “More Options” which gives you various types of links you can use instantaneously.

03. The Dashboard : This makes the divShare very much different than other storage providers such as Omnidrive etc. You can track your download count. You can even co-brand your downloads page, thus makes it easy to create a download gallery for you own site. Truly fantastic !

This application is simple but powerful and faster. I hope they will be adding few more cool features to this application to make the storage world more competitive and sweet for consumer like “you” and “me”.

Overall rating : starstarstarstar

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Get Vista style Start menu on Windows XP

Who doesn’t like the cool Windows Vista Start menu? I am very much addicted to my vista Start menu these days, and almost forgotten the old pal “Windows + R”  keystroke. But how can we get this cool feature on Windows XP, the most favourite operating system for many users.

To address this demand, some cool guy has developed this Vista Start menu emulator for Windows XP.

Currently this cool utlity is under development and RC1 is available for Download.


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The Best Apps of 2006 Index

Believe it or not !, the year 2006 is an “Applications Year” for me. Lots of innovation poured in to small but nifty tools, and enterprise level applications too. Everyone would agree that Web 2.0 revolution has got it’s footmark on this too. Lots of web based applications started beating the traditional desktop applications. This trend is surely a new wave and a warning for enterprise desktop software makes and OS makers. They have to revamp thier homes a big way. LifeHacker has posted “The Best Apps of 2006 list“. I don’t anyone else could make a better decision than LifeHacker on application front in deciding such a list. Since 1 year my life was hacked by Lifehacker blog 🙂

  • Interestingly Windows Vista has got its place in the list (despite of the delay and critisism around).

Two google products “calendar and reader” also got a place. 🙂

Enjoy the World Applications, They make your life more meaningful on the stupid computer.

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Converting YouTube Videos to Zune Videos

Well, I got a White Zune (accidentally, in a raffle :-)). I was quite impressed with this gadget (I am a “Believe_me_I_never_used_iPod” type guy..) in my first looks. The interface was very cool with nice zoom out/in effects of background wallpaper.

I quicky synced it with my local music store from my laptop. The experience of music and quality was awesome. But…I was shocked to see not all of my videos can be played directly by this player. Even the WMV yes, wmv files too. I thought, I can simply download all On-Demand technical webcasts to my zune and enjoy. But none of them are compatible with my shiny zune. smile_sad

Then I looked at YouTube for videos. YouTube delivers videos as flash content. But I figured out a way to enjoy these YouTube videos on my Zune (100% free of cost solution). Here is the way I followed…

01. Rip the video from YouTube

YouTube uses flash media to display videos. This is called FLV content. To download the video as FLV content, I used YouTube Video Downloader. Once you install, start this application. It will start in your system tray. Right click on the icon and click on “New Download…”

Copy the YouTube Video page URL as shown below…

Use the default folder and name your video in “Rename” box, if you want to give it a different name. Otherwise the tool will pick the name from Video title itself.

Copy the FLV file in to a folder, where you can play with tools.

Note : A product tutorial is available with the developer of this tool here…

02. Convert FLV files to MPEG-4 Video (MP4)

To convert FLV files to MP4, I used a tool called “Super”. This is a true Super tool which can convert so many formarts of video to any type of video.

Download SUPER

Once you install SUPER, start it. You will see interface as follows…

Configure this tool as follows (One time job)

Select the Output Container : mp4 (MPEG-4)

Select the Output Video Codec : MPEG-4

Select the Output Audio Codec : AAC

Video Scale Size : Leave this as NoChange (Maintains aspect ratio)

Leave everything else as defaults.

Now drag and drop the FLV files in to the space shown in the above picture by Arrow mark.

Once you drop the files, the button “Encode (Active Job-List Files) will be activated. Click on it. Leave the tool until its job is done.

Once the tool is done with job, You can find all the MP4 files copied to destination folder you mentioned in SUPER tool. (Right click in the file list and select “Specify Destination Folder” where you can select a destination folder).

03. Sync the MP4 files to Zune

Copy all these MP4 files to your My Documents/My Videos directory (where Zune checks for videos).

Connect your Zune and start the Zune software. You can see the converted videos in the Zune software. Simple drag them in to Sync list of Zune Player and Click on “Start Sync”

Thats it ! You are done.Now you can enjoy the YouTube videos on your Zune..:-)

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Buy a Zune via Google for $20 less is selling Microsoft Zunes on thier website for a cool price $239.00 (atleast $10 compared to other merchants like staple and best buy. Wait…that’s not only the cool part of it.

You buy it using Google Checkout and get $20 more discount. Wow..You can get the player for $219.00 effectively. 🙂

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Digg’s UX was now Improved (a LOT!) has got a major revamp in UI and UX (User eXperience).The first thing you would observe is the “Cleaner” interface of the website. The stories area was now moved to left hand side and makes the web site more readable and cleaner.

Some of the changes that made made looks cleaner..(more at Kevin’s Blog).

Navigation : This is a major change in the websites navigation. The left side navigation now turned in to a top, horiantal multi level panel navigation which makes more sense to the reader. has also added two new sections for Videos and Podcasts. The videos section seems to be tough compitition for StumbleVideo (In looks and Stuff too).

Popular Content : content is now shown along with time since when it was made popular and made it on to home page. This gives the sense of freshness and helps the user to choose the required content.

A new panel called “Top 10 in all Topics” has been added to the home page now. This is probably to drive traffic even on to all the topics and increase the traffic on (I feel most of the users visit the home page and close the window…). Right beneath this panel, Kevin has got some space to add a new Google Ad panel.

Cloud View :This  is still in beta (upcoming) stage. So right now I can see an empty page when I clicked on this option. But this seems to be an interesting feature and possibly could gives a meme graph of what’s happening on at that second.

Digg Video:This will be the most envious section for Google. Because, they could’nt come up with this kind of cool interface to create a social favourite video site even after the huge buy of YouTube. This is basically a simple video rating system based on dugg system. This can be the next big asset of for sure.

Digg Podcasts: A big directory of podcast publishers. has provided an inbuild audio/video player, so that you dont have to leave the site at all.

Now, Digg is going make a big difference compared to Slashdot. This leap can take digg miles apart in the race for sure.

Now it’s time for Scobliezer to re-consider back in his feedroll. 🙂

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