Add ICC Cricket World Cup to Your Outlook

Indian Cricket is going with low lights, but there no doubt that doesn’t lowers Indian cricket fan’s love on the game. They are eagerly looking forward to watch and enjoy the ICC World Cup at Caribbean Islands.

If you are one of those who love cricket crazy, well there is a calendar ready to help you track all 47 days of exciting moments right from your Outlook calendar.

This calendar is primarily hosted on Google calendar service and can be subscribed by any standard calendar program. Go Get the Calendar Here…If you are denied to see the page (This site enforces that you need to have Office 2007 to the webpage…weird hehe…), just click this link to add this calendar directly in to your Outlook.


9 Responses to Add ICC Cricket World Cup to Your Outlook

  1. Thank you for giving link to cool calendar.

  2. Sanjay says:

    Kindly send us link of ICC world cup 2007

  3. Nikhil Agarwal says:

    Kindly send us link of schedule for ICC world cup 2007 so that it can be linked to Outlook calendar

  4. abhishek says:

    please give me the link to the calender….i really want it desperately

  5. Vijay says:

    Can anyone also add the exact timings of the matches (as per INDIAN STATDARD TIME) in the .ics file and upload the updated file?
    It will further add to the convenience as we will be able to keep track of start of each and every match,

  6. just cricket says:

    Most Popular ICC Cricket World Cup Websites ( Receiving millions of hits per day )

    Cricket world cup official song,videos,schedules,teams,interviews and games available on these websites.

  7. Sneha says:

    Yes, can someone update with IST to download to outlook?

  8. All the live cricket matches links are available at

    Also you enjoy lots of funny rare cricket clips on the above website

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