GOM : Codec Free Media Player

[The Best Media Player… I have ever seen]

We are movie lovers, We are DVD lovers ! But we hate the media players out there. The ultimate reason is, most of these media players (Including WIndows Media Player) does not play DVDs or Video for some unknown reason. In many cases It will be a codec problem. Earlier I have explained what is a Codec and Why should you need it to play Videos. I feel sometimes that what on this earth would lead Windows Media player not to have any required Codecs by default on an Operating system like Windows XP Professional. It’s weird and drives me nuts.

Ok ! Now lets see how can we avoid this problem. I want a media player which will never demand a codec to play my video files or DVDs. What is the solution ? I found 2 cool solutions.

Solution 1 : First and best option is to Install “GOM Player“. This player is absolutely free player and having a plethora of features which you cant stop yourself jumping here and there after learning them. GOM Player promises a complete Codec Free solution. It has got an embedded Codec system. To learn more about features…check here

Main Player Window


Preferences Window


Download GOM Media Player here

Solution 2 : VLC Media Player is another powerful media player out there in market. This is absolutely free and supports many audio, video formats by default with out needing any special codecs to watch videos.

You will be surprised to see a big list of features that are supported in VLC player. This player can also be used as a streaming server via Unicast or Multicast protocals. I have’nt focused much on this player, as I was more than happy to see GOM player in action for me.

Download VLC Media Player

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3 Responses to GOM : Codec Free Media Player

  1. PK says:

    After seeing your post about the universal meia player, the first thing which came to my mind was VLC, cos I’ve known this for a long time now.

  2. rakesh says:

    not able to play CD /DVD in windows media player 11 do we have any codec to be installed ..pls let me know…

  3. anuradhadj says:

    place give me gom play r codecs

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